Narrated Presentations

Commercial Presentations allow you to present your selling message directly to a decision maker instantly via your project website, linked to an e-mail follow up, published on a CD or flash drive, at their office, in your Marketing Center, or from your project's Digital Directory. Approximately 4 minutes in run time, Informetrics Commercial Sales Presentations tightly weave your selling points into a compelling sales presentation that can be used in pre-qualifying prospects, direct sales presentation, as a decision support tool (for decision makers unable to attend a meeting), follow up, or as a tool to insure that the brokerage community is fully educated on your project’s benefits and portrays them correctly in the marketplace.

Commercial Presentations have created prospects when a meeting was impossible to arrange, created project visibility and awareness where none previously existed, explained complex offerings, and maximized the effect agents have had with touring prospects when little time was offered.

On Websites
Commercial Presentations can be made a part of the project/building website, allowing prospects and brokers access to the information at any time and from any place they want it.

Attached to E-mail
Send directly to the prospect as part of correspondence on a campaign based e-mail promotion, providing a link directly to the presentation.

Publish to CD or Flash Drive
Publish the presentation to a CD or flash drive for distribution as part of a promotional campaign, handout, or sales follow up.

Marketing Center Presentation
Present the Commercial Presentation as an overview of the project prior to a physical tour to insure that all selling points have been covered in a minimum amount of time as well as laying the groundwork for follow up with the supporting cast of decision makers who may not be in attendance.

Brokerage Firm Presentations
Our clients have made successful presentations in as little as 15 minutes by showing the presentation (4 minutes), answering questions (10 minutes), and leaving the presentation for reinforcement, education, and dissemination to their client base.

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