Interactive Presentations

Dynamic Presentations allow a project salesperson or leasing agent to present their selling message in a focused manner, maximizing the time they have in front of a prospect and ensuring that project selling points are delivered consistently in each sales opportunity. Dynamic Presentations can be deployed using touch screen technologies or any other PC-based presentation device. They are fully portable and can be carried on a flash drive, CD, or other portable media for use in your project Marketing Center, on your Digital Directory, in a prospect’s boardroom, or the offices of a brokerage firm. Dynamic Presentations from Informetrics allow your agents to take advantage of every sales opportunity they encounter.

Project Level Information
Selling points on the project, ownership, management, infrastructure, building details, and parking.

Information on the location as it relates to the city, submarkets, labor pool, executive housing, and transportation hubs.

How to get into and out of the project from freeways, major arteries, mass transit, and transportation hubs.

Project, building, and area amenities.

Space Available
Space Available and support collateral can be updated over the internet to ensure current status is maintained.

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