Domain Knowledge

Informetrics principals have over 26 years of experience in leasing and marketing commercial properties. With extensive knowledge of the transaction side of the real estate business, representing both owners and tenants, Informetrics is in a unique position to provide relevant input into developing successful marketing programs.

Informetrics has developed innovative marketing and presentation vehicles that have been conceived to successfully deal with communication issues that we know (from experience) exist in the industry and help you get your message to the target audience more consistently.

Using Informetrics as a single point of contact for your marketing program will save you considerable time and money and result in a more consistent, cohesive, and effective program.

You can take advantage of Informetrics tools to publish information beyond the Website to Space Available E-mails, browser equipped cell phones, Dynamic and Commercial Presentations, or as an engine to drive a touch screen display in your Marketing Center or Building Directory, ensuring consistent branding across content and saving time in the maintenance of information.

25 Years Experience
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